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Biographie A metering pump is used to add small but accurate volumes of a liquid to other fluid streams or vessels. Metering pumps are also called dosing pumps and proportioning pumps. A metering pump must be able to deliver liquid with an accuracy of greater than 3% across a wide range of discharge pressures.

What applications use metering pumps?

Maintaining a constant flow rate regardless of differential pressure or fluid viscosity.

Delivering a variable flow to maintain a system parameter (for example, pH).

Injecting a discrete dose (typically required in batch processing).

Metering is required in many industries, including pharmaceuticals, water and waste treatment, food and beverage production, power generation, chemical processing, petrochemicals and oil and gas extraction. Liquids can be anything from fragrances and pigments in the production of toiletries or food or acids and alkaline solutions for chemical processes and water treatment.

What type of pumps are used for metering?

With applications delivering low viscosity liquids at high flow rates (>1 m3/h) and low delivery pressures it is possible to use a centrifugal pump to achieve a controllable flow. This can be the most cost-effective solution. However, in other situations, accurate metering necessitates the use of a positive displacement pump. This class of pump moves a fluid by repeatedly enclosing a fixed volume, with the aid of seals or valves, moving it mechanically through the system. The pumping action is cyclic and by controlling the motor’s speed or stroke length, a specific delivery rate or accurate single dose is possible.

There are many types of metering pumps for different usages such as plunger-type metering pump, hydraulic diaphragm metering pump and mechanical diaphragm metering pump. Besides, reciprocating pump is a widely used pump as well.

Reciprocating Pump is a Positive Displacement type pump that works on the principle of movement of the piston in forwarding and backward directions whereas the Centrifugal pump uses the kinetic energy of the impeller to supply the liquid from one place to another place. It is a machine that converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. Reciprocating pumps are in use where a certain quantity of fluid (mostly sump) has to be transported from the lowest region to the highest region by the application of pressure.

The reciprocating pump uses when a relatively small quantity of the fluid is transported under high pressure. This type of pump is more appropriate for small flow rates at high pressure as compared to centrifugal pumps. A certain amount of liquid (mainly sump) must be applied and transported from the lowest to the highest area when using a plunger or piston pump. For example, if you go to the bike water servicing, you can check that the water used for servicing is gathered from the sump and sprayed onto the bike by providing pressure through the nozzle.

Reciprocating Pump Working Principle

The reciprocating pump works on the principle of positive displacement. A reciprocating piston pump consists of a piston that moves back and forth in a cylinder. The piston is connected with a crankshaft with the help of a connecting rod. This piston moves as the connecting rod move due to the motion of the crankshaft. The crankshaft connects with a motor that rotates it.

The pump cylinder is connected to a suction pipe and a discharge pipe with a suction valve and a delivery valve. The inlet and outlet valves act as check valves that allow the fluid flow to flow in one direction. The fluid sucks into the cylinder through the inlet valve. The fluid exits the cylinder of the pump through the outlet valve. With different application, it can be devided into many types like High-pressure reciprocating pump, triplex plunger reciprocating pump, etc.

There are many other pumps used as chemical dosing package, such as pneumatic diaphragm pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump with supercritical extraction system and so on. 
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